Union Legal Research’s Kurt Mattson the Go-To Guy for Law Firm Clients

Kurt Cartoon 2

“You have an LLM, and you’re doing this?”

That’s what an attorney once said to Union Legal Research’s Kurt Mattson while he was conducting a Westlaw training.

Mattson had just graduated with a Masters of Laws degree in labor and employment from George Washington University in Washington, DC when he accepted a job at West Publishing. He spent 17 years at West Publishing, now Thomson Reuters. During that time he became an expert in legal research and taught practicing attorneys how to improve their research skills.

Mattson, a northern Minnesota native, began his career at West in 1990 as a Reference Attorney, helping Westlaw subscribers construct queries to find relevant cases and statutes. From there, he was part of the training team that supported Westlaw’s field reps before joining that group himself and moving to Phoenix in 1996. He first worked in law schools in the Southwest before serving government customers. Throughout his first 10 years at West, he was involved with teaching research techniques and improving his research skills. He was then promoted to branch manager, a position he held for six years. In that role he oversaw the Phoenix office, negotiated contracts with large law firms, and managed 15 reps. The merger with Reuters brought his career at the company to an end.

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