New York Law Firm to Get Bulk of $112 Million in Fees in NFL Concussion Litigation

After racking up more than $112 million in legal fees in the NFL concussion case, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals approved a plan that provides roughly half the money to one law firm.

After many years of infighting, the Third Circuit’s decision will hand over to New York-based Seeger Weiss more than $51 million—at least 10 times the amount of any other firm, including the lawyers who initiated the first cases in 2012.

Christopher Seeger of Seeger Weiss was in charge of the negotiations that led to the sudden agreement in 2013 and who led the case through several appeals.

The settlement is thought to cost the NFL more than $1 billion over time, but avoided a trial over claims that the league long concealed what it knew about the connections between concussions and brain injuries.

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