More than 400 Lawsuits Filed in New York Day 1 of Child Victims Act Window

New York state saw more than 400 lawsuits filed in on the first day of a one-year “look-back” window in the statute of limitations that permits abuse survivors to bring an action against their abuser or the institution where the abuse happened.

The Child Victims Act, which was signed into law February 14 by Governor Andrew Cuomo, increases the ways that victims of sexual abuse as children can access the courts to ask for damages. The one-year window for civil lawsuits is applicable to accusations of child sexual abuse and includes any that were previously dismissed as untimely or for those that did not file a notice of claim in time. Before this, a sexual abuse survivor only had until he or she reached age 23 to file a claim. The new law changes this to age 28 for criminal charges, up to 25 for misdemeanor charges, and 55 for civil cases.

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