Legal Research

Of course, you can do this. We all can. But do you want to? Do you have the time to do it well?

You’re a litigator, a deal-maker, a counselor, and advocate. Leave the time-consuming legal research to someone else—someone who has done it for more than 25 years and actually enjoys it. Better yet, excels at it.

Kurt worked for WESTLAW as a Reference Attorney for five years, so he knows how to query a database and retrieve the most relevant information for your issue. He also trained and marketed WESTLAW for another 12 years and is now a an author and editor for LEXIS.

Kurt will find the cases, statutes, and regulations you need.

NOTE: He can also write the motion, pleading, or brief for you. Think of it as having a seasoned associate plow through that first draft and give you a product that needs only your review.