Florida Court Won’t Reconsider Expert Witness Standard

The Florida Supreme Court recently denied requests to review its controversial decision that revised standards for expert witnesses in lawsuits earlier this year. 

That May 2019 case involved an $8 million personal injury verdict that was successfully appealed by the defendants. Pursuant to DeLisle v. Crane, a case that hinged on the admission of expert testimony, the Florida Supreme Court adopted chapter 2013-107, sections 1 and 2, Laws of Florida (Daubert amendments), that amended §§ 90.702 (Testimony by experts) and 90.704 (Basis of opinion testimony by experts) of the Florida Evidence Code. This change replaced the Frye standard for admitting certain expert testimony with the Daubert standard, the standard for expert testimony found in Federal Rule of Evidence 702. 

Recently, in a 6-1 ruling, the Florida Supreme Court rejected requests for rehearing from the Code and Rules of Evidence Committee of The Florida Bar and Jacksonville attorneys Howard Coker and James Holland. The Supreme Court did not provide any reasoning. Justice Jorge Labarga dissented. 

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