Supreme Court Abandons FOIA Test

Earlier this summer, the United States Supreme Court upset years of federal court precedent to broaden the protection of “trade secrets and commercial or financial” information from disclosure under the

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Can a Party “Claw Back” Privileged Emails?

An Oklahoma plaintiff recently asked a federal court to preclude a defendant from “clawing back” privileged documents accidentally revealed to an expert pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(5)(B).  In March of 2017, Plaintiff discovered twelve stones

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Can a Court Exclude a Rebuttal Expert for Late Disclosure?

A plaintiff appealed a Washington State superior court’s order of on summary judgment dismissing his claims for waste, timber trespass, equitable indemnity, and contribution. He also appealed the superior court’s exclusion of his rebuttal expert’s testimony.  Plaintiff owned a lot to

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