Can Methodology Be Used in a Personal Injury Case?

Expert methodology was at the center of the battle of the experts in a personal injury case where the plaintiff fell from her wheelchair while disembarking Defendant Cruise Line‘s ship at a ramp within a leading into the terminal building in Miami. 

Plaintiff proffered a mechanical engineer expert on the Cruise Line‘s liability for her fall. This expert was a long-time “forensic accident investigator.” He “inspected, measured, and photographed the scene of the incident,” reviewed materials from the case, safety regulations and standards, and various scientific and technical literature on biomechanics. Plaintiff’s expert dedicated 15 pages of his expert report to “biometric analysis” of Plaintiff, including “torso acceleration analysis” and “back shear force analysis.” He then provided 11 opinions on why the Cruise Line was liable for Plaintiff’s injuries. 

Defendant proffered an expert to testify on its liability for Plaintiff’s fall. Its expert had more than 28 years of experience in “premises/occupational safety” and was “involved in… risk mitigation consulting with major cruise lines and resorts.” He inspected the site of the accident—the gangway ramp—and took photographs and measurements. The expert gave nine opinions as to why the Cruise Line was not at fault and was in compliance with industry safety standards. 

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